Friday, June 02, 2023


US attorney General called” playing with fire ” vote by mail

Voting by mail is “playing with fire”. This was stated in an interview with CNN by the us attorney General, the head of the justice Department, William Barr. In his opinion, this form of expression of will is subject to the risks of fraud and blackmail, in addition, there are opportunities for forgery of ballots […]

Trump will deprive the state funding of cities that have become “lawless zones”

Us President Donald trump has signed a Memorandum aimed at depriving public funding for cities that are not enough, from the point of view of the Federal government, to fight unrest. “My administration will not allow Federal tax dollars to Finance cities that have voluntarily degraded into lawless zones,” RIA Novosti quoted the document as […]

Trump defends monuments in Washington

Us President Donald trump did not support the proposal of a special Commission of Washington to remove a number of monuments in the capital, including statues of the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus and the first American President George Washington. The corresponding statement was issued by the White house press service. The storm Laura threw […]


The United States confirmed the output of the who

The United States has confirmed that it will leave the world health organization (who) in July 2021. This is with reference to the US state Department, RIA Novosti reports. Reuters, citing a us government Agency, reports that the US plans to withdraw its representatives from the headquarters and other offices of the organization. The funds […]

Melania trump was caught using personal email for work purposes

The wife of the President of the United States Donald trump the Melania – used for business purposes in their personal electronic mailboxes. This information was distributed by the Washington Post, referring to a former senior adviser and close friend of the first lady, Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff. According to her, while working in the White house, […]