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NATO has made a number of” unthinkable mistakes”, as evidenced by the successful interceptions of Russian fighters of American military aircraft. This was stated by a publicist from the United States, Tom Rogan.

In his article for the Washington Examiner, Rogan analyzed two incidents that occurred on August 28 over the Baltic and Black seas. Then Russian su-27 fighters intercepted USAF B-52 bombers that were approaching the Russian border. According to Rogan, it was obvious that the bombers would intercept, as Russia “especially does not like” when NATO aircraft fly near Kaliningrad and its Western border.

In this regard, the journalist asked the question: if the interception was obvious, why did the bombers fly unaccompanied by fighters? “US Secretary of defense mark Esper should ask him (Supreme commander of the United NATO forces in Europe-approx. “RG”), what is happening at all, ” Rogan wrote.

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