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Washington is imposing new restrictions on Chinese diplomats in the United States. On Wednesday, September 2, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the us authorities will require senior Chinese diplomats to obtain permission from the state Department before visiting US University campuses or holding cultural events with the participation of more than 50 people outside the territory of the diplomatic mission.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington called the move “another unjustified restriction and barrier for Chinese diplomatic and consular staff” that “goes against the self-proclaimed values of openness and freedom” in America, Reuters reported.

According to analysts, these new restrictive measures are part of a large-scale campaign by the trump administration, concerned about the growing influence of the people’s Republic of China. Donald trump has identified a tough approach to China as a key foreign policy platform of his election program.

Washington called the introduction of the new rules a response to restrictions imposed by Beijing on American diplomats working in China. The head of the state Department also said that the us authorities will take measures to ensure “the correct identification of all accounts of Chinese embassies and consulates in social networks.”

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