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The United States has confirmed that it will leave the world health organization (who) in July 2021. This is with reference to the US state Department, RIA Novosti reports.

Reuters, citing a us government Agency, reports that the US plans to withdraw its representatives from the headquarters and other offices of the organization. The funds that the American state allocates to who are planned to be redirected to other UN programs.

The us was notified of the withdrawal from the organization in July 2020 — the last statement of the state Department is to clarify and confirm these plans.

The white house has suspended funding to the who in mid-April. Us President Donald trump warned that such a measure will remain in effect as long as “errors in response and concealment of the spread of the coronavirus”are investigated. At the end of April, the President instructed to investigate the hypothesis of a possible collusion between the who and China, the purpose of which was to hide information about SARS-CoV-2 and its sources.

Later, the presidential administration announced plans to partially resume funding for the organization, subject to an equal amount of contributions with China, as well as a number of reforms. At the end of may, trump announced the end of interaction with who. Washington intends to completely terminate relations due to the fact that the organization’s leadership refused to carry out the changes that the United States authorities insisted on.

The United States joined the who on June 21, 1948. Dujarric noted that the inclusion of the United States in the organization was accepted by the world health Assembly with certain conditions set by the American side for a possible exit from who.

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