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Voting by mail is “playing with fire”. This was stated in an interview with CNN by the us attorney General, the head of the justice Department, William Barr. In his opinion, this form of expression of will is subject to the risks of fraud and blackmail, in addition, there are opportunities for forgery of ballots and even “for interference”.

The host reminded the Prosecutor General that in a number of States, voting by mail has been going on for years, and there are almost no problems. Barr replied that no one had tested the system nationwide. “This is a game with fire. We are a very divided country. People should have confidence in the results of the elections and the legitimacy of the authorities, ” RIA Novosti quotes.

Barr cited the case of a resident of Texas. He was accused of collecting 1,700 ballots from the post office in the municipal elections and using them to vote for “his” candidate.

Recall that US President Donald trump has repeatedly criticized the idea of voting by mail. In his opinion, this form of expression of will can give an advantage to the Democrats in the presidential elections, which will be held on the third of November this year. In addition, the owner of the White house is convinced that this procedure is not transparent, and the processing of ballots will take a long time. However, representatives of the us Democratic party believe that in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, voting by mail is the only way to participate in elections without health risks.

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