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Us President Donald trump has signed a Memorandum aimed at depriving public funding for cities that are not enough, from the point of view of the Federal government, to fight unrest.

“My administration will not allow Federal tax dollars to Finance cities that have voluntarily degraded into lawless zones,” RIA Novosti quoted the document as saying. These measures should apply to Seattle, Portland, new York and Washington.

In the next two weeks, the White house will decide how ministries will have to report on the money spent on these cities. Within a month, proposals will be prepared to deprive them of Federal aid. The Prosecutor General is ordered to officially publish a list of cities – “zones of anarchy”.

The memo also notes that some authorities at the local level “contributed to violence and destruction” by not implementing laws, depriving police departments of authority or funding, and refusing to accept assistance from Federal law enforcement agencies.

A wave of protests has swept across the US since the end of may. Demonstrators demand justice in the cases of African Americans who were killed or injured at the hands of the police. In a number of cities, the protests turned into riots. Trump has already called these actions not ” a peaceful protest, but actually internal terror.”

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