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A young African-American man was shot by a police officer on Orange Street in Washington. This was told to journalists by the chief of the Metropolitan police, Peter Newsham. The incident occurred on September 2 at about 16 hours local time.

“The police had information that there were guys with guns in the neighborhood, “Newsham said, adding that two suspects who were in the car managed to escape, and one of the suspects” brandished a firearm ” in front of the arriving police officers. In response, the officer fired his gun once, fatally wounding the suspect.

Relatives identified the victim. It turned out to be 18-year-old John Kay. The victim’s aunt, Arline black, said she didn’t know what had happened. According to her, the nephew was in the Park near his home when the guards shot him. “He was a good kid. He has never had any problems with the law or anything like that,” she said.

Marcus Batchelor, Deputy head of the D.C. Department of education, explained that John Key only recently celebrated his 18th birthday. “It’s tragic,” Batchelor said. “We don’t know much about the situation. But, in my opinion, there is very little reason to kill an 18-year-old boy in our city, especially if this person was unarmed or fled.”

D.C. legislative Council member Trayon white said the young African-American man lived about two blocks from where the incident occurred. “Some witnesses say the guy was shot in the forehead, some say he was shot in the back. We need to find out what really happened. If he was running away and the officer shot him in the back, this explanation does not suit anyone, ” said white, who plans to request police to film the incident from a video camera that was on the officer’s clothing.

Under new emergency legislation passed in June, law enforcement agencies must provide the public with access to video footage of any fatal shootings or other use of force from cameras worn by officers within five days of the incident. The legislation also requires city authorities to release the names of the officers involved in such incidents.

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